Meet the Team

We are a small business, and we care about what you need. We have expertise to help you with questions about repair, parts and products.



He has been fixing stuff and tinkering with stuff for over thirty years. He was a heavy line mechanic at an auto shop before he starting fixing auto shop equipment, and he’s been doing that now for over twenty years. But more than just fixing things, he has a lot of knowledge about equipment and business.


Accounts Payable aka the Money Guy

In his life he has worked quite a few interesting jobs, and even owned a business or two. He bring a vast experience of business to help out the behind the scenes workings.


Senior Tech

He’s the companies longest serving tech. His focus is on the AC recovery machines, but dabbles in just about anything. He is also welder extraordinaire when he isn’t working for the shop.


Tech & Office

He is the everything else guy. Let’s face it. In small companies you have to wear a lot of hats.