New Equipment

Robinair AC Machines

AC recovery machines are essential for any shop. In the summer every customer wants their car air conditioner to work. Robinair has been a leader in providing high quality refrigerant recovery machines since the early 90’s. Contact us, and we’ll help you get the right model for your shop.

Champion Air Compressors

Champion has been a leader in air compressors since 1919. They are still fully US made, and their quality is unquestioned. They provide a wide array of products in reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane. Contact us and we’ll help you find the right compressor for your shop.

Pro-Cut Brake Lathes

Nobody likes pulsing brakes or rotors that wear out before they should. That is why Pro-Cut developed their on car lathe, which matches the rotor to the hub. That matching prevents uneven wear, which leads to pedal pulsation. Contact us for pricing and more information.

Clean Energy Waste Oil Furnace

Clean Energy is a leader in using modern technology to maximize heater efficiency, life span and easy of maintenance. Contact us about getting a furnace that fits your needs.

Professional Grade Lifts

We sell lifts that will last for years. Our favorite brands are Rotary, Forward and Challenger. Contact us and we’ll help find the right lift for you.

Lots Of Other Equipment

We don’t have everything listed on our website. If there is shop equipment you need, contact us, and we will help you find the right equipment for you.

Equipment Parts

AC Machine Parts

We are a service center for most of the major brands of AC recovery machines. If we don’t stock the part, we can get it. Contact us to help you get the right part.

Air Compressors Parts

Whether your compressor is five years old or twenty years old, we can help you find the parts you need.

Brake Lathe Parts

Whether it is cutting bits or tool holder arms, we can get you what you need. Contact us today.

Waste Oil Furnace Parts

Waste oil furnaces are designed for the end user to be able to work on them. If you need parts for your waste oil furnace, contact us and we can help you get what you need.

Automotive Lift Parts

Sometimes you just need contact pads for your arm, or you just like to work on your own lift and replace parts. We can help you get what you need.

Parts For Other Equipment

We have access to parts for a lot of equipment. Contact us and we’ll help you get what you need.

Used and Refurbished Equipment

Sometimes we come across equipment that someone doesn’t want anymore. We will clean up that equipment and get it back into good working order. Keep an eye on our website for when we list more equipment.