Why do an AC machine service?

One of the most important things to keep your machine running smoothly is to have us look at it. Sometimes things just go wrong, but a good maintenance schedule can catch problems, such as leaks or worn hoses, early before they get bad.

When to do an AC machine service?

How often you have your machine serviced will depend on how much you use the machine. Most modern machines have a countdown timer for the filter. For instance, Robinair starts warning you to change the filter soon at 100 lbs. of filtered Freon, and it will lock you out at 150 lbs. When the filter needs changed, is a good time to have us service it. However, we recommend having us work on it at least once a year even if it doesn’t need a full service because we can often prevent a major problem from occurring. The best time of the year to do it is early spring so that it doesn’t have any issues after that first heatwave, and customers are lined up to get their vehicle AC worked on.

What is an AC machine service?

When we do a general service on an AC machine:

  • We check the hoses and couplers for leaks and wear.
  • We check the calibration of the scale(s), and if needed, we calibrate the scale(s).
  • We do a vacuum, charge, and recovery test with a test tank and scale.
  • We replace the Freon filter, vacuum pump oil, & clean the machine.
  • We make a recommendation for what parts need to be replaced to keep the machine running at 100%.

Where do we do an AC machine service?

Coming to your shop is always an option. We travel the state of Kansas and Northern Oklahoma. We have a standard service call in the Wichita area, and we charge per mile round trip outside that area.
You also can bring it to us. Many shops that are several hours away drop off their machine at our shop, and then pick it back up after the repairs are done. Because it saves a service call, even local shops will bring us their machine to save some money.

What if you need a machine now?

Everybody knows how busy summer gets, and sometimes it can take a few days for us to repair your machine. We keep a supply of machines that we loan out for a fee while we work on your machine. That will keep you going while your machine is down.

We fix it right the first time and won’t sell you something you don’t need

We don’t like call backs, so we strive to get it right the first time with our years of experience. We also hate when people sell us something we don’t really need, so we won’t do that to you. We want people to trust that if we say it needs replaced, it really does. If it is something that would be good to do, but doesn’t have to be done, we will tell you that.